The WaitWhile App


Only available at our North Phoenix location.


We use the WaitWhile App to streamline the load out process at our North Phoenix warehouse.

No one wants to wait three hours to get their stuff, the Waitwhile app helps us prioritize and organize orders so when you get the text message that says “your order is ready” you know that your order is ready.

North Phoenix auctions are the only auctions that require a check-in.

To check in:

  • Find the link in your invoice, above the itemized list.
  • Click the link.
  • The link will take you to the Waitwhile screen.
  • The Waitwhile screen will prompt you for information.
  • Once you finish and submit, your order is placed in the queue.
*If you provide your phone number or email you will receive updates about your order. Once your items are picked up, you will not receive any further texts or emails through the app until you check in again.


North Phoenix pickers will pull items from all available invoices when you open a ticket. This means you only have to check in once, even if you won multiple, North Phoenix auctions. They will not be able to pull items from offsite auctions.

Sometimes the app will say that your order is cancelled after you get a text that it’s ready, that just means that your order is picked and ready to go. Your ticket was just closed. As long as you get the text your items are ready — they’re ready.

Unless it’s been a month then your items have, most likely, been forfeited and relisted.

If you’re not sure where to pick-up your onsite items and are concerned about their availability or missing the load-out time, give us a call.

What about other auctions?

Our North Phoenix warehouse closes several auctions a day which means they have to turn over and process hundreds of items a day. The Waitwhile App helps that go smoothly and makes it less likely that your invoice will get lost. It also gives pickers time to find your items and let you know if something is missing.

We’re still testing the app and working out kinks. But as we ramp up other warehouses we might expand the use of the app if we need to. However, most other auctions we run at Auction Nation are onsites or single auctions with fewer than 200 items and checking in to them would just be an added hassle.

Single auctions are much easier to manage than a dozen. If you’re worried about your items being ready or have other concerns about getting to load-out outside of the Phoenix Warehouse, reach out to our customer service team for help.

Or check out some of the resources we have for loading out and participating in our onsite auctions.