College Furniture Adding Up? Bid now

Save with Store Returns

Auction Nation is a solution for parents that are tired of paying full price at IKEA for coffee tables that don’t last. Bid with auction nation and get great deals on furniture.

Every day our Warehouse in Phoenix, AZ gets truckloads of new items from big box store returns. This means we have loads of furniture, small appliances and kitchen wares all at great prices. All of the things that add up and cost you money, you could bid on with us and win for up to 80% off retail by bidding on store returns.

Store returns are great because 80% of the time, a customer is returning their item because of a change of heart or something didn’t quite work. For furniture returns, this means it wasn’t the color they expected, a screw might be missing or the dimensions were a little off for the space they were putting it in.

We can offer all of the benefits of scratch & dent furniture at an even lower price.

deals of furniture

Real Deals

We also receive overstock and after season items at Auction Nation. But it doesn’t matter so much as where it comes from, what matters is getting a great deal on furniture that’s going to go through a lot.

Think about it. You might get a bookshelf with a scratch on it but your son isn’t going to care. He’s going to add a few more scratches even before second semester when he rearranges it to get a better TV setup. He doesn’t need something perfect. Afterall, you’re already paying for the apartment and tuition, there’s no reason to spend any extra on furniture.

We’ve got plenty of deals at Auction Nation and risk-free bidding. Our site is free to register and free to place a bid so why not try to get great deals on furniture they need?

We have home goods auctions, bedding, home improvement and general merchandise.

You can find specific auctions by using the search bar at the top of the website. We recommend using simple search terms like “bed” and “table” anymore specific and you might end up excluding the search result you needed.

This week we sold several, basically brand new, full and queen size bed frames for less than $40. Last week we closed an auction for luxury mattresses where a majority sold for less than $250. Our area rugs also sell for under $100 and last week I bought a high-quality bedspread for $15.

Save money, start bidding.