4 Reasons to Bid instead of Buy

Auctions aren’t just a way to buy cars or mystery storage units, you can bid on anything.

Here are a few reasons why you should start bidding today.

You’re paying too much at the store

Going to the store is great. Everything is there, prices are decided. All you have to do is pick it up. Easy.

Except when it’s not.

Something always wanders into your hands that you didn’t intend to buy. Maybe it’s just hand-soap here and a dish towel there or another set of screwdrivers. It isn’t much initially but over time that money could have bought you something you really needed and those purchases add up overtime.

Auctions are different. Sure you’ll bid on things you didn’t mean to. But usually the only things you win are the things you have your heart set on. You’ll end up getting a deal on the item you wanted and you won’t bring home the same excess that happens on a normal trip to your favorite store.

Unless you do decide to enter one of those storage container auctions — then you might get a lot more stuff than you bargained for.

You name your price

At a store, prices are already decided and you have two options: buy it now and know you’ve got it or wait for it to go to clearance and maybe it will still be available. In the world of retail, the consumer is relatively powerless when it comes to pricing because it you really want it, you’ll pay for it.

When you bid at an auction, you have the power to decide the value of the item. Sure, you risk losing if you can’t go higher but if it’s not worth that amount to you it’s easier to move on. Bidding puts the power of pricing back into the hands of consumers.

Winning is more rewarding

Small victories can have a positive impact on your life.

Bidding online allows you to experience the thrill of winning from the comfort of your own home on products that normally wouldn’t fill you with that amount of enthusiasm. Sometimes you need that little pick me, so what if it comes from bidding on a 24-pack of paper towels and winning it for $6.

If you were having a bad day before that, now you aren’t — you’re a winner.

Find unique and niche items

There are many different kinds of auctions: collectibles, estates, liquidations and sometimes overstock. Each auction has different benefits but auctions can introduce you to items that you wouldn’t see at the store.

You can bid on unique, one of a kind items to add to your home or wardrobe.

And if you’re in the market for something niche for your business don’t buy brand new, check out some liquidation auctions and pick up top quality, gently used equipment for a steal.

Bid now.