Wild Horses Charity Auction — “America” Guitar

Wild horses in Utah are under attack as the Bureau of Land Management continues population control efforts in Utah. They’re capturing wild horses and burros and then transporting them to either long-term or temporary holding facilities. Enormous stress is put on the animals throughout this process.

The holding facilities are government-funded and overcrowded. Unfortunately, this means captured horses are kept in tight conditions with minimal medical care. The healthy horses might be sold to private individuals or other parties from the facility. While unhealthy horses face a fairly bleak future.

Due to the sheer number of horses being captured and facility limitations horses end up being sold, unknowingly, into worse conditions and potentially the hands of kill buyers.

LoveWildHorses.org is working to remove horses and burros from these facilities and rehabilitate them. Unfortunately, equine care is expensive and the volunteers need all the help they can get as the medical bills stack up for a variety of sprains, fly infestations, and trauma.

They are raising funds to offset costs so they can continue their mission. That’s where Auction Nation comes in. We’re helping LoveWildHorses auction off an “America” signed Yamaha APX600. The guitar is signed by Dewey Bunnell and Gerry Beckley from the band “America” who is known for songs like “Muskrat Love,” “California Dreaming,” and “A Horse with No Name”.

All proceeds from the auction go towards LoveWildHorses and the wild animals in their care. Their latest completed project and fundraising effort built a watering hole for the herds that were deeply affected by the regional drought and forest fires.

Donate directly at Lovewildhorses.org or place your bid on this “America” guitar. Any amount helps these horses and the volunteer efforts to curb the damaging practice of putting wild horses into captivity or worse.

Shipping is available and all bidding takes place on our website and is online now through Monday 7/16/2018, at 8pm MST.  Registration is free, open to the public and only takes a few minutes.