Item Conditions

It’s easy to overlook item conditions because it’s not a typical part of retail buying experience. You walk into a store, buy a piece of furniture in a box and your expectation is full-functionality and in brand new condition.

If this isn’t the case, you’re more than welcome to return it to the retailer for a full refund because you expected something brand new and got something that was less than advertised.

Auctions are a little different. Our merchandise is used and after market which means that consumer expectations have to shift a little.

We don’t want to sell bad products, but we categorize our items in ways that will protect our customers. Item conditions are indicators of our return policy and they tell you what condition you can expect the item in.

They are located directly underneath the item title:


When you bid on an item, you agree to the condition and the guarantee which is why it’s important to know what conditions we have at Auction Nation and what they mean for our customers.

24 Hour Guarantee

This guarantee promises “functionality-only” for 24 hours after pick-up or within 3 days of the auction closing. Within those time-frames you have to alert us to the problem or the guarantee is null and void.

“Functionality only” means that the item does not perform it’s designated function. This could mean that a microwave doesn’t heat up or you receive a table that is missing legs. These both impact the functionality of the item.

What this doesn’t include are scratches, dents and the general appearance of an item. We don’t issue refunds for dirt, small tears and other nicks. This is an auction, not a furniture store.

Under the 24-hour guarantee we give you the chance to check that things will work, not that they’ll look perfect.

On Premise Guarantee

This is similar to our 24 Hour guarantee and used to ensure item condition at our Onsite Auctions. It refers to “Functionality Only” however, instead of 24 Hours, you have to test the item before you leave the premise.

Unless otherwise stated, if the item is functional on premise, once you leave the guarantee is no longer applicable unless there are extenuating circumstances.

If that’s the case, please call the office with specific questions.


There is no guarantee, this is just the condition of the item.

Operational means that it worked before the auction started, so it should continue to work after you pick it up. However, if it doesn’t work after you pick it up we will not issue a refund on Operational items.

You bid on Operational items at your own risk knowing that you might have to replace parts or fix it up in some way.


We were unable to test these items to tell you if they work or not. Because we couldn’t test them, we cannot guarantee that they’ll work on premise or even be operational.

What you see is essentially what you get whether it works or not. While this isn’t a very comforting idea, this is a great way to get a deal on parts and components. There is also the chance that it works perfectly fine, we just couldn’t get electricity at the location to test it or a cord was missing when we processed the auction.

Untested usually covers items with electronic components or equipment.

As Is

What you see is what you get. This is similar to Untested but applies to every kind of item.

This is the condition we give to boxes that appear to be missing parts or only one half of a set. Anything that’s visibly broken but could be fixed will be conditioned As-Is as well as anything that is difficult to see, photograph or otherwise guarantee.

We will also label items As-Is if they’re clearly not in the best condition. We try to photograph any damage, missing parts and document the reasons that something would receive the “As-Is” condition.