How to Bid Online at Auction Nation

Start Bidding with Auction Nation

It’s easy. Click on the red button that says “Register to Bid”, answer some questions and add a card on file.

Your card is stored in a system with a secure third party no one at Auction Nation has access to your personal financial identity. We’ll see your name and the last four digits of the card so we can verify it’s you. We will never charge you to place a bid and we will never charge you to maintain an account.

We only charge you when you win. If you ever have any questions about our practices, call us and we’ll talk.

Once you’re registered, take a look at auctions in your area.

Look at the auction details and read through the terms and conditions (seriously, read them) before you place a bid. You’ll need to know a few things like if it’s an Onsite auction if shipping is available and what the load out times might be because these can be different for every auction.

This information is at the top of individual auction pages in the tabs underneath the title.

Next, when you’re confident about what you’re bidding on, check out the terminology one more time and verify the return policy of the item: “As-is” and “24-Hour Guarantee” might change your decision.

After that, place your bid. If you know exactly what you’re willing to pay for that item and your life won’t be the same without it. We do offer the option to place a max bid and better your chances at winning the auction because the system will automatically outbid every bidder until the auction reaches your max.

Okay, you’ve bid, now what?

Wait until the auction is over. Auction Nation notifies you when you get outbid but it’s best to be available when an auction is closing. Auctions are most competitive in the last few minutes and you might have to place a bid ASAP.

Extended bidding can happen on Auction Nation. Bidders might go back and forth on a hot lot when this happens each subsequent bid after the scheduled closing time, extends the auction 3 minutes.

Finally, the auction ends and you’ve won your item. The invoice is paid immediately by the card on file; unless it’s over $1000, then the protocol is a little different. You’ll be able to check-in online and we’ll notify you when you can pick up your wins from one of our warehouse locations or you’ll receive further instructions and times for the Onsite load-outs.

Lingering questions? Contact our customer service desk at (602) 516-7066 or email us at customerservice@auctionnation.com.

Remember, this is an auction, not a boutique: minor imperfections like scratches, dents and chips happen and they are not refundable unless they impact functionality. In which case, we will honor the 24-hour guarantee IF an item falls under that guarantee.