All About Onsites

What’s an Onsite Auction?

First, an onsite is run between us and our consignors — consignors are the people or companies who use our platform to auction off inventory, assets and personal items. 

Onsite auction means will be at the auction site and not at one of our warehouse locations. Onsite auctions allow us to have consignors all across the United States instead of just the cities we have warehouses.

The onsites we conduct are inventory/surplus liquidations, restaurant close-outs and estate auctions. We liquidate everything from local salons and hardware stores to fixtures at Toys R Us.

All bidding on our auctions is online. We don’t accept bids over the phone or in person. If there are outstanding circumstances they need to be communicated to our Auction Nation team and the consignor

Bids are placed online but we offer a preview time before the auction closes. Preview is where we open the auction site to bidders before it closes so they can inspect what they’re bidding on. While we try to provide the best photos for items that we can nothing is the same as seeing it in person. Preview times and site address are located in the terms and conditions of the auction.

Once the auction closes, bidders need to check the times for load-out. The load-out is where bidders come to the site and retrieve their winning items. The bidder is responsible for picking up and transporting their own items.

Load-out expectations are typically only 1 or 2 days because we’re working within the constraints of the consignors’ lease. We’re trying to move things as quickly as possible at most onsite auctions so the consignor can turn over the keys. Onsite auctions don’t have the same flexibility for our onsites as we do for our warehouses.

So if you win a previously used L-shaped desk at an onsite, don’t pick it up unprepared. You know you need at least two people and a truck, not a sedan and a prayer. We can’t do much if you’re not prepared to pick up your items.

However, if you run into a conflict with the load-out times, just communicate it with the Auction Nation team ahead of time and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs. But sometimes things happen that are out of our control.

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