5 Reasons to Liquidate with Auction Nation

Closing a business is not always an easy choice. We understand that you put your whole heart, soul and back into building your business and your brand –it’s an extension of yourself. But once you’ve made the difficult decision, Auction Nation can help you liquidate your assets and net the highest return so you can get back to doing what you do best: business.

Liquidate your business

What happens when you liquidate your assets through an auction?

More value for your items

Liquidating your assets up front will normally get you 20% less than retail value. This provides a base estimate for the amount you can expect from a liquidation. When you put your assets up for auction in partnership with a reputable auction company, you can get closer to the retail value.

Auctions encourage competition which drives up value. The key is getting your auction in front of the right audience and working with an auction company that knows how to liquidate and reach a bidder base that’s ready to compete.

Save money in the long run

An auction can take place in a single day. Loading everything out and clearing the space can happen in a few days. There’s no reason to extend your lease or pay hidden fees to net the most from your business liquidation. 

This where professional auction companies can help. They have the experience, the bidder base and the man power to liquidate quickly and efficiently. We run our onsite liquidations online so we can reach a large audience and maximize profits. All with minimal overhead costs to our consignors.

Find hidden value in overlooked items

Every restaurant needs prep tables and kitchen equipment, every boutique needs a counter and racks to hang products from and I haven’t seen a salon that doesn’t need shelves. We don’t always consider the value of fixtures but every industry needs 75% of the very same things to run.

There’s usually some value in items that you didn’t anticipate and by conducting a liquidation auction you’ll be surprised what bidders are ready to pay for. If your fixtures, shelving and furniture are in good condition you’ll be surprised by the return you can get.

You don’t have to know what you’re doing

Liquidating is a hard decision and you don’t have to go it alone.

Professional liquidation services like Auction Nation are staffed with professionals and decades of experience liquidating assets and running liquidation auctions. We know how to net the highest return for you and we have the man power and the bidder base to make sure your auction goes off without a hitch.

All you have to do is talk to us and we’ll help you navigate your liquidation.

Liquidation is an opportunity to try something new

Once you liquidate your assets and net the highest possible return, you have the opportunity to start over with a new venture. You’ll gain new knowledge of liquidation auctions that you can use that to outfit your next endeavor. Because, after all, business is what you do and it’s our job to help you get back to doing what you do best.