Types of Auctions at Auction Nation

A few things about our auctions,

The auctions we have are onsite liquidations, general warehouse auctions and weekly live car auctions.

We’ll always be upfront about charges — we don’t charge registration fees or charge per bid. The only charge you get from us is your winning bid plus tax and our 15% buyer’s premium. Most of our auctions start at $5 and then increase by a proportioned amount. Cars, property and high-dollar items might start at a higher amount.

Onsite Liquidations:

These are liquidation auctions that we work on with our consignors. The types of onsites we have are typically inventory/surplus liquidations, restaurant close-outs and estate auctions. These take place at the location where the auction is.

Bidding is done online but we typically offer set times for a preview of the items. Previews last for one day followed by a two-day loadout after the auction closes. The load-out is where you will come and retrieve the winning items. It’s your responsibility, as the bidder, to bring all the tools and equipment you’ll need to remove the items and you can always call our onsite department to get more information about what’s available to bidders on location.

Onsite load-out windows are usually narrow because we’re working within the constraints of the consignors’ lease. Part of our business goal is to move things as quickly as possible so the keys can be turned over. We don’t have the same luxuries with on sites that we do when auctions take place in our own warehouses.

If you run into a conflict with the load-out times, just communicate with the Auction Nation team ahead of time and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs but sometimes there are logistics that make it difficult. it never hurts to ask. But if you know that you won’t make any of the load-out times, it’s better not to bid than risk the forfeit.

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General auction

General/Warehouse/Affiliate Online Auctions:

All of the inventory for these auctions is kept in our warehouses. Inventory comes from a few different sources: store returns, inventory surplus and some our affiliates.

We don’t usually offer a preview of our warehouse items which is why it’s especially important to read the terms & conditions of the auction as well as the condition of the item you want to bid on. There’s a difference between our 24-hour guarantee and our as-is policy. But it’s also important to keep in mind that cosmetic damage is not covered by our guarantee.

These auctions are all done online, shipping is available if it fits into our specifications for shippable items and they can be picked up at warehouse location listed in the auction information.

Currently, we have affiliate/warehouse sites throughout our headquarters in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding area of Salt Lake City, UT.

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Live Car Auctions:

These auctions take place weekly at our affiliate in Mesa, AZ and they’re a little different from our regular auctions.

First, it’s live AND online. This means you can bid in person or bid through AuctionNation.com. You could even bid online before the auction and then make your last bids in person. It’s up to you — also we’d recommend living in Arizona.

Our car auctions have two available preview days where you can go to the location and inspect the vehicle yourself.

On Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. or Thursdays until 5 p.m. we let you look under the hood, check fluid levels and start the car. We don’t even bat an eye if you bring a mechanic — we want you to know the car you’re bidding on. It’s good for us and it’s good for you.

Every week we have a different selection of cars, trucks, SUVs, trailers, forklifts, motorcycles and more. Auctions are open to the public and anyone can bid regardless of being registered with Auction Nation. However, only registered bidders can place online bids.

Like any auction on our site, you’ll have to have a credit card on file to bid. But car auctions run a little differently in terms of charges. We apply a $300.00 authorization when you submit your first bid but it will be a pending hold on the card that will only be charged if you win. Otherwise, it drops off in a few days. Every car also requires a $175 transaction fee per lot.

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