Featured Auction: Klinger Lake Estate Antique Collection

The Kirsch Estate:

Our featured auction this week is the antique collection of the J.W. Kirsch Estate. The Kirsch family has been a foundational member of the Sturgis community since the early 1900’s when their curtain rod company was first established. The J.W. Kirsch collection for auction includes Asian antiques, antique sterling silver and a variety of other high-end items. 

The estate itself is a work of art from architect Gordon Rogers and the interior design was created by world-renowned, New York-based; Jay Spectre.

Check out the property and some of the estate items for sale in the video below.

A few of the items you’ll find in this high-end estate are:

Chinese Glazed Ceramic Roof tiles

Chinese roof tiles are intricate, glazed ceramic statues that adorn the roofs of temples, homes and other buildings similar to western Gargoyles. They are usually figures of natural or mythological creatures like dragons or guardian lions. These brightly painted and glazed ceramic roof tiles are often lined up several in a row atop Chinese structures.

Glazed tiles have been used in China for ages as a material for roofs. The tiles we have in this upcoming auction are glazed ceramic, downspout tiles. The tiles feature Chinese riders on horses and they are holding what appears to be a paddle or a mirror. They would complement alongside a fireplace or a garden pathway.
There are several more Asia antiques in the antique collection that can be found here.

Antique Sterling Silver

This auction includes several pieces English silver from a variety of manufactures including Abercrombie & Fitch, Kirk & Sons and Reed & Barton. To qualify as sterling silver the piece must be 92.5% pure silver and the remaining 7.5% can be any other metal but most common was copper.

Following the civil war and on the heels of the industrial revolution, the silver business was booming due to a variety of factors. Silver became available to the middle class from dining ware to teapots, vases and jewelry.

First, more people could afford silver and, second, making silver became easier and more industrialized. There was also an abundance in the time period which started to wane after the 1940’s

Sterling silver was taking over thanks to innovative brands like Reed & Barton and department stores like Abercrombie and Fitch that maintained a large, style-centric audience long before they were a teen retailer.

Jade Pieces

There are several collectible jade pieces in the auction including Jade Scepters, a jade jar and small, handcrafted jade elephants.

Jade is a complicated mineral with an easy to replicate physical appearance. However, the distinction is in the details. True jade is dense and has the ability to scratch more surfaces. The density is hard to recreate. Jade is made of Nephrite and Jadeite both of which rank as harder than steel.

If you threw jade at a piece of steel, the steel would scratch and the jade would be unscathed.

The stone comes in a variety of colors, the semi-transparent emerald jade is the most valuable because it only comes from one area in the world. But jade can be purple, white, yellow and gray. The clarity of jade vacillates nearly transparent to opaque.


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