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Auction Types

We all have one, really good idea of what an auction is. But the truth is, there are several different auction types.  When you imagine it, there’s an auctioneer standing in front of a room, he’s probably auctioning off a piece of equipment and talking really fast. People flash cards, the price up. And it...
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Buyers Premium

Auction Nation facilitates the sale and provides the resources to make it successful, however, we don’t own the inventory. Therefore, we are the middlemen between the customer and the consignor. The Buyer’s Premium is how we, as an auction company, generate revenue. Buyer’s premium is 15% at Auction Nation. The charge is added to the...
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Auction Terms to Know

Auctions are a little different from a regular buying experience. Here’s a list of auction terms to know to help you become a savvy online bidder. First, read everything in the Terms & Conditions of an auction. This will have everything you need to know about important dates and times like auction close and pick-up....
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